Improved Learning Outcomes

Measuring and impacting learning outcomes has never been more important.

We believe exams are underutilized assets with the power to more easily assess program effectiveness and drive improved learning outcomes.

Do you have an integrated system for assessing student performance and giving them directed feedback? Are you satisfied with your system for collecting, reporting, and analyzing evidence of learning? Are you prepared to meet evolving accreditation requirements and regulations with on-demand analytics?


The Solution

Exams create valuable learning outcomes data every day. Unfortunately, in most institutions, this rich data is lost and oversimplified into single scores. However, a growing number of programs are not just keeping this data, they are acting on it in powerful ways: changing the way they create and analyze embedded assessments, engaging with students to promote success, and enhancing curricular effectiveness. Real-time performance data empowers faculty to measure and impact learning outcomes throughout the course of the semester, which also makes it easy to demonstrate explicit learning outcomes at the end of each course.   

image description[ExamSoft Student Report]

At the same time, detailed category and longitudinal reports provide faculty and administrators the information they need to measure and evaluate curricular effectiveness without excess work. This data-driven process has been proven to simplify accreditation, contribute to better institutional results, and deliver valuable information for curriculum mapping. Imagine the benefits of making data-driven academic decisions.


Connecting the Dots to Make a Difference