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ExamSoft for Exam Takers

Taking some of the stress out of the examination process.

You focus on the test. We’ll focus on the rest. ExamSoft was founded in 1998 to give exam takers the convenience of using their own computers to take their exams, while providing administrators the comfort of knowing exam integrity would be maintained. We’re committed to providing the best computer-based testing technology on the market and improving the exam experience for everyone involved.


Key Benefits for Exam Takers:

  • Use your own laptop
  • Organize your thoughts quickly and efficiently
  • Type your answers instead of writing them by hand
  • Easily navigate the exam and tag your answers for review
  • Take some of the stress and fatigue out of exam day 




If you should have questions before or after your exam, ExamSoft offers live customer support via phone, email or chat. Our team is available to help you through your technical questions, including software download/installation. You can also find answers to commonly asked questions about our testing software in our Support Portal. We do our best to provide outstanding support, but the best way to prepare yourself on exam day is to try the mock/practice exam available for download through your institution’s home page (look up your institution on the top navigation bar under “Exam Taker Login”).


Exam Day Tips

  • Bring your power cord
  • Bring your Exam Taker ID & Password 
  • Connect to the Internet shortly after the test to upload your answer file