SofTest-M for iPad

Exam Revolution

SofTestM for iPad

Exam Revolution

Secure & Offline Exams SofTest-M for iPad

The most secure, reliable offline exam software available

Security options include the ability to deliver exams offline, while limiting access to other applications.


User Friendly Interface

Designed with students in mind, the system enables users to view a single question at a time, cross off eliminated answers, and “flag” questions for review later.

User Friendly Interface
Robust features

Robust Features

From calculators and unanswered questions reminders, to custom alarms and a “hide exam” button, SofTest-M gives students access to the tools they need within the application.


Picture Perfect Attachments

It’s easy to view and zoom in on images, hear audio clips, and watch videos, all of which can be attached to questions or an entire exam.

Picture perfect attachments
Test any way you like. iPad, laptops, and Scantron type forms

Exams Your Way

Test when, where, and how you want, using iPads in conjunction with laptops and Scantron type forms.