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How it Works - Exam Administration

ExamSoft supports higher education programs with intelligent assessment solutions that give educators actionable outcomes data & insights for students, faculty and administrators. Watch the video below to learn more!


Create your exam online
Exam takers download secure exam files
Deliver your exams offline any way you like
Completed exams and the results are uploaded
Instantly score and analyze exams

Overview: Exam management and analytics.

We’ve created a solution designed for real users in the real world—not just technologists. Our solution is easy for everyone to use, is secure regardless of the delivery format, is reliable, and is never dependent on the Internet during testing.

The exam administration process is simple.

  • First, we centralize all question and exam creation in a cloud-based, collaborative tool and provide a detailed history for each question, so you can make data-based decisions when creating exams.
  • Second, you deliver assessments the way you want, leveraging laptops, iPads, computer labs, or even Scantron-type forms.
  • Third, we aggregate all of the exam results, score objective-based questions instantly, and create detailed student and faculty reports that break down question performance by each exam, class, and student after each exam.

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