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E.I.s is a version of E.I. to help faculty who are committed to using Scantron-type bubble sheet exams on paper, but need an improved system for question banking, exam creation, reporting, analysis, and feedback. ExamSoft E.I.s offers exam creators greater flexibility and efficiency and provides faculty and administrators with immediate, actionable insight after each exam.  View technical specifications


Explore Exam Intelligence Streamlined

Exam Creation

Cloud-based Solution

Forgo additional IT or infrastructure investment and enjoy enterprise-level backup and failover capabilities.

Flexible Question Import

Easily transition to cloud-based question banking. Import questions from multiple formats, such as MS Word, directly into the system.

Multiple Question Types

Manage various objective response questions, including multiple choice, true/false, and fill in the blank questions.

Unlimited Question Categorization

Tag questions with any number of institution-defined "categories," such as curricular learning outcomes or board exam objectives. 

Exam Delivery

Print multiple exam versions instantly and deliver using traditional bubble sheets such as Scantron forms.

Scantron Integration

  • Paper delivery - Print exams easily from the item banking system to deliver tests on paper with any bubble sheet or Scantron system.
  • Item scramble - Automatically generate different scrambled forms for the same exam to enhance exam security.
  • Data import - Quickly import CSV/tab-delimited files from common scanning systems.


Utilize instant performance data to improve student learning, engagement and retention.

Instant Scoring/Rescoring

Grade objective-based questions faster than ever, and easily rescore questions and repost results when issues arise.

Engaging Student Feedback Reports

Use color-coded and graphically engaging reports generated after each exam to draw each student’s attention, focus self-directed learning, and provide remediation. Make feedback timely, personal, and specific with an easy, automated system.

User-friendly Question & Exam Reports

Access engaging reports that summarize exam statistics in an easy-to-understand and actionable format for ongoing, dynamic curricular and assessment tuning.

Accreditation Reports

Pull course- and program-level reports for curriculum mapping, curricular tuning, objective mapping, and quick demonstration of learning outcomes. Learn more about how E.I. can help streamline accreditation compliance.

Support & Training

ExamSoft provides helpful support and training for administrators and faculty at every stage of the process.

Training and Support for Your Institution

  • Training for administrators and exam managers - Receive tailored training with a live expert who specializes in making clients successful. Customized training for specific programs based on unique needs.
  • Initial configuration and process consultation An implementation expert will provide actionable advice to ensure your solution is set up right the first time. Best practices, quick reference guides and other tools will ensure a smooth start-up process.


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