Assessment and Learning Analytics Platforms.

Our powerful, easy-to-use modules support the entire testing process including exam creation, administration, delivery, scoring, and analysis. ExamSoft’s platforms are backed by a world-class support team, which includes dedicated account management, training, and live support.



Exam Intelligence

ExamSoft E.I. is an advanced, end-to-end assessment management platform that enables programs to more efficiently create, deliver, analyze, and manage exams. E.I.'s advanced technology generates detailed analytics reports, empowering users to obtain powerful data-driven insight to achieve improved learning outcomes for students and providing tools for faculty and administrator success.


Exam Intelligence eXpress

ExamSoft E.I.x is a light version of ExamSoft E.I. specifically designed to meet the needs of faculty or administrators who want an easy way to enjoy the benefits of computer-based testing. E.I.x offers administrators and faculty the opportunity to save time, obtain greater administrative control, and enhance exam security while giving students a dynamic user experience. 


Exam Intelligence Streamlined

ExamSoft E.I.s is a version of E.I. designed to help faculty who are committed to using Scantron-type bubble sheet exams on paper, but need an improved system for question banking, exam creation, reporting, analysis, and feedback. ExamSoft E.I.s offers exam creators greater flexibility and efficiency and provides faculty and administrators immediate, actionable insight after each exam.