You Could Use a Hand - We can help make assessment easier.

AssessmentTA powered by ExamSoft

For over 15 years, ExamSoft has been making secure computer-based testing a reality for institutions all over the world. Now, we’ve worked directly with faculty to create a new, tailored program that combines secure, offline testing, with the support system you need to help make the assessment process easier.


Exams and quizzes with an easy-to-use interface.


Assess via bubble sheets, laptops and iPads, with no Internet needed.


Student/class performance by learning outcomes with actionable data.

Save Time

Let us help ...
We can import all your questions, and set up ‘tags’
to help categorize them to your learning outcomes.


Are you a graphologist?
Use our software for essay exams and end the need
to decipher student handwriting.


Get your weekends back!
With ExamSoft, you get instant scoring and easy-to-read,
detailed data-filled reports that save you time.

Connect with Students

Students WANT to use tech.
75% percent of students believe technology
plays a vital role in their academic success.


Use the devices students already have.
Today 87% of students have a laptop.
Tablet adoption is skyrocketing. Why shouldn’t
they use the devices their comfortable with for exams?


Empower your students.
Send students personalized, detailed exam reports
at the touch of a button.

Prove Learning

But I was doing so well!
Show students proof of their success, or their
opportunities to improve, by specific subject or outcome


Mind the gap!
Use real-time data and analytics to understand
and identify gaps in learning ‐ or curriculum.


When will I get my grades?
Vastly improve the speed with which you grade
and provide personalized feedback to students.

It's Your Class

I’m teaching ‐ they’re learning.
Use direct-evidence of student learning to
demonstrate outcomes.


Get published!
Data provides an excellent opportunity for
scholarship - celebrate your success.


Use your time wisely.
Letting AssessmentTA handle your testing means
you have more time for teaching ‐ take back your life. .